Doctor in Latin is Docere’ which is translated as “to teach”. My mission is to spread the knowledge of naturopathic medicine. The healing power of nature is within us all, we just need to know how to access it for true, deep and permanent healing. In this section my goal is to give you this information so that you can take it and heal yourself.

This short video gives you the top things to do as soon as you start feeling sick to prevent it from getting any worse.

Remember when your grandparents had you drink this when you were sick? Well check out this video to see how to use castor oil topically can heal scars, tame abdominal pain and belly aches, sooth menstrual cramps and much more!

Bring MAGIC to your life!! Magic socks are a free treatment that you can do everyday at home to benefit your whole body and life! Check it out!

Looking to fast and not sure where to start? Start here and let me know what questions you have!

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