Destressing By Decluttering

As the seasons change I think it is a good opportunity to take inventory of what is important.  When we have a cluttered life and cluttered mind, it makes it hard to focus and achieve goals.  Clutter is a nervous system stimulant and it takes your attention away from what you want to be focusingContinue reading “Destressing By Decluttering”

Sleep: How to catch those ZZZZs

The Sun goes down and your lights on your phone dim while the streetlights outside illuminate. All of a sudden you start to feel a little bit of anxiety brewing knowing that this begins the ritual of your insomnia. Depending on where you are, at this point you may begin a night time routine whereContinue reading “Sleep: How to catch those ZZZZs”

Habit: The Revolving Door

Here is the definition of Habit from Dr. Joe Dispenza.  “A habit is a redundant, automatic, unconscious sets of thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that develop through repetition. “It is when you have done something so many time that your body is programmed to become the mind.  “Over time your body is dragging you toward aContinue reading “Habit: The Revolving Door”


Along my journey I learned about fasting.  The one treatment the continues to come up in literature, religious practices as well has historical and personal uses over hundreds of years for almost all chronic diseases.  Especially diseases of over indulgence, which happen to be the leading causes of death in the U.S. So what isContinue reading “FASTING”

What is Naturopathy and what is a Naturopathic doctor?

Naturopathic medicine or Naturopathy is the use of natural and non-invasive therapies to heal the body and prevent illness.  As Naturopathic doctors we are trained similar to medical doctors, we learn all about the body biological systems, the way they should be, what happens during disease, and how to bring the body as a wholeContinue reading “What is Naturopathy and what is a Naturopathic doctor?”