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Dr. Heidi Albete

Dr. Heidi Albete

Naturopathic DR

Why I do what I do:

As a child of a common American family, I have grown up seeing sickness and illness in my family members and friends. Listening to the disappointed stories they tell after seeing the doctor and not getting the answers they needed to their chronic health problems propelled me to find another option. I have been searching for the way to optimal health for prevention of disease instead of strictly combat of disease. I found what I was looking for through Naturopathic Medicine, nutrition and Applied Kinesiology.

I was raised in the foothills of Colorado where I first began to use nature as medicine. The mountains and streams had a healing way about them that I never understood, just recognized and utilized. As a born athlete, I was naturally drawn to study Exercise Kinesiology in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona at Northern Arizona University. In my second year I discovered Naturopathic Medicine at a career fair, and within moments I knew what my purpose in life was. Immediately I started making strides toward becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. I changed to a nutrition major and transferred to the best nutrition program in the country, which also happened to be home, at Colorado State University. While studying for my Nutrition major and Kinesiology minor, I also attended and lead multiple medical brigades to rural Dominican Republic communities. During these missions we saw and assessed over 50 people a day between 4 – 6 doctors, checking vitals, diagnosing and refilling prescriptions. We helped a lot of people, get access to medication. Even though the mission went back quarterly, it was far from sustainable health care for these people. During those missions, I knew that I needed to find a way to heal peoples complaints without using these drugs that people become reliant on.

As a Naturopathic doctor, I have learned how to use the Vis Mediatrix Naturea, the healing power of nature, to bring the body back to its desired state of health. I found a medicine that supports the whole body mind and spirit connection. My medical education and taught me how to integrate the science and technology of western medicine, with the art and experience of Eastern medicine. I believe that chronic health conditions cannot be solved by a pill or superficial matters but by full support of the vital force by giving your body the right environment to heal and thrive. In my own life, I have been able to find and treat the cause of some of my own health troubles.

I feel passionately about helping women wishing to become mothers and children of all kinds. My philosophy is that if I can intervein early in a person’s life, or before they are born then it will be easier to prevent sickness by building health than it is to build health in a sick body. By helping children, I believe that we will be able to help a whole generation of our population. It starts with one and snowballs into an entire community of people.

This medicine is the medicine of the future. It starts here with us, and it ends with the rest of the world following suit. This medicine is the answer to our current and future healthcare problems and I want everyone on this planet to know it, understand it and be able to use it in their daily lives.

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