Demystifying Diabetes

Let’s talk about diabetes. This is a very common condition in America and throughout the western world. According to the CDC, 34 million people in America have Diabetes and 1 in 5 people don’t know they have it! I think it is a good time to talk about it because it is one of the biggest pre-existing conditions that make a person more susceptible to Covid-19.

In this article I want to describe both types of diabetes and give you 3 ways you can help your body heal from diabetes without medications.

There are 2 different types of diabetes and they are conveniently name type 1 and type 2 type. Regardless of the type of diabetes you have, they both have the same issue. High blood sugar.

Type 1 diabetes is an auto immune condition that occurs usually in early childhood. It is a condition where the Beta cells of the pancreas, where insulin is made, are attacked and insulin is no longer produced.

Type 2 diabetes is typically diagnosed later in life and caused by lifestyle choices. However, it is not becoming more common in children as well. In this condition, there is usually enough insulin in the beginning but the insulin receptors on cell membranes are desensitized to insulin and so when insulin comes to bind it cannot and you end up with high blood sugar.  

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This causes the pancreas to produce a lot of insulin to attempt to get some of the sugar into the cells. Now there is a lot of insulin and sugar in the blood. This also puts a strain on the pancreas to produce this much insulin and it can exhaust the Beta cells to the point where they stop working. This is when you would need to inject insulin in order to get the sugar back into this into the cells. I always urge people to get treatment before this stage because it is much easier to treat before external insulin injections are needed.

There is a problem in the body with high circulating blood sugar and blood insulin levels. Both sugar and insulin are pro-oxidants which mean they circulate around the body and “rust” the lining of our blood vessels. Which causes damage and build-up of immune cells trying to “fix” the damage which leads to plaques and clogged arteries.
This is why you often hear of amputations needed for uncontrolled diabetes, because the tiny blood vessels are effected first. So it begins with issues in the eyes, kidneys and fingers and toes. These are termed “end organs” and they get the most damage and should be checked regularly by your doctor.

There are 2 big physiological issues that I see in diabetes.
The blood sugars get too high and there is not a way for the sugar to get into the cells. With type 1 there is no insulin being produced and with type 2 the receptors on the cells do not recognize insulin and there for it cannot bind.

The big goal would be to decrease blood sugar levels as well as increase the ability of the receptors to recognize blood sugar to bring it into the cell.

The good thing is, there are many ways to do this. Let’s talk about the 2 most important ones and then one bonus!

The number 1 thing diabetic patients should look to change would be the things they eat. If the issue with diabetes is high sugar in the blood, a simple cure could be to not eat any sugar or things that become sugar in the body. If you avoid sugar in your diet, it will dramatically reduce the disease pathology of diabetes. There are several diets that have been coined recently, such as the ketogenic diet or the paleo diet. These diets focus on eating whole foods and more fat and protein and less carbohydrates.

When I work with individual patients, I tailor the diet more toward where the person is at and what is achievable to them. I also identify food sensitivities with muscle testing so that we can know exactly what foods the patient should be avoiding and what foods would be good for them.

Now that we have addressed the way sugar can get into the blood, let’s talk about how to help with the cell receptor sensitization.

The best and cheapest thing that we can do to help the insulin receptors is to exercise! 30 minutes of walking each day is enough to start to reverse the effects of diabetes on the cell’s insulin receptors. If you want an easy way to think of this, as we exercises we are “sweating” the blockage off of the receptors so that the insulin has an easier way to bind. Also, as we exercise, our muscles and bones need more energy so there is more of a need to get sugar, which is the body’s energy, into the cells to help it work.

One of the most important times to go for a walk is after eating a meal because your body will more easily put the sugar where it needs to go. It is not good to do vigorous exercise after a meal because this will turn off the rest and digest nervous system which we need after a meal.

Last but not least, as promised, here is my bonus remedy for diabetes.
Berberine. If I was only allowed to give one thing to my diabetic patients, to directly help with the disease process of diabetes, it would be berberine. In studies it has been shown that berberine can increase insulin from the pancreas, reduce insulin resistance, improved insulin binding in liver, muscle and fat tissues. It also improves blood cholesterol levels and reduces plaque buildup. It can also help with energy production in the cells’ mitochondria, the energy center of the cell. This herb has so many different and important mechanisms that it usually goes on the treatment plan for all my diabetic patients.

The most important thing to note about diabetes is that there needs to be blood sugar management. Whether it is by insulin, diet, exercises or supplements, the blood sugar needs to be kept low to avoid deterioration.

I am always here to help! With all patients, no matter the diagnosis, I always do a comprehensive analysis and complete lifestyle and supplement based treatment. I treat using the things mentioned in this article as well as homeopathy, hydrotherapy, Chinese Medicine, botanical medicine and much more. Your health is important to me, let me know if I can assist you in any way.

  • Dr. Heidi Albete, ND

Destressing By Decluttering

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As the seasons change I think it is a good opportunity to take inventory of what is important.  When we have a cluttered life and cluttered mind, it makes it hard to focus and achieve goals.  Clutter is a nervous system stimulant and it takes your attention away from what you want to be focusing on and onto the objects around you. 

Clutter can also relate to unhealthy foods your eat, habits you may have or relationships that are bogging you down. 

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I am writing about this now because I need this help more than anyone else!  I am the worst for clutter whether it’s a “decoration”  or some unfinished products.  So I thought it might be fun to work through this together!  Clean up our life a bit so that the next season can be fun and accomplishing! 

Ok let’s take it one week at a time!  Take your time as you clean stuff out!  It can be emotional to go through this process.  We hold onto things to fill gaps.  When we purge and get rid of things we open wounds.  Make sure you have some techniques to cope with the open wounds.  Fill it with laughter, conversations, music, flowers! 

Let’s get started!

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#1  Clean up your environment.  Everything about it.  This is the biggest part of what shapes our everyday reality.  Our environment is everything so take a beep dive into it this week. 

House, car, social network, social media, books and magazines, podcasts, TV shows or movies. 

Spend this week noticing these things and journal about it.  Then slowly, one thing at a time, start to find ways to weed these things out of your life.

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The ultimate goal is to feel lighter and more free.  The first thing to do is to lighten up your environment around you to free your mind so that it can shape your reality to the way you have always dreamed it!

Our environment directly shapes our reality.  This has been studied for hundreds of years, from the origins of the species to the epigenetic break throughs that we are learning in more recent years. Our environment shapes our reality. 

So, if that is the case, let’s work to set up our environment for the reality that we want! 

Take things one at a time and find the places in your life where things, thoughts, habits, people, or activities, aren’t serving you.  Now that you have your list, or thought bubble, think of ways that you can eliminate this from your environment.  This is going to look different for everyone, but here are some ways that it might look. 

House:  Take it one room at a time.  A cluttered house is a cluttered mind.

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Bedroom: what is on your night stand?  When you first wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night, are the two most influential parts of your day.  Make sure that your environment around those 2 moments are filled with exactly what you want your life to be filled with.  Have your room tidied up, nice lotion next to your bed so you can love up on yourself, your favorite smelling candle or a good book.  Put the cell phone in a different room at night and make sure there is no “work” in your room. 

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Kitchen:  everything should have a place.  All of the food in your pantry and refrigerator should be things that you enjoy and make you happy.  Still have that old food processor or counter top grill you bought or got as a gift that you swore you would use all the time?  Throw that out!  Don’t store things is higher cabinets, or the basement to get it out of sight.  Donate these things to your local donation site and get them out of your house and out of your life!

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Transportation:  How are you getting around?  Does that make you feel empowered too?  It should!  Weather it is by your own 2 feet, on public transportation or a personal vehicle.  Even if you can’t afford the car of your dreams right now, you can make the car that you do have beautiful!  Clean up the backseat, go get that car wash.  Maybe new seat covers would make a big difference for you?  Fall in love with your commute, where ever you may be going.

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Spend this week noticing these things and journal about it.  Then slowly, one thing at a time, start to find ways to weed these things out of your life.

The ultimate goal is to feel lighter and more free.  The first thing to do is to lighten up your environment around you to free your mind so that it can shape your reality to the way you have always dreamed it!

Sleep: How to catch those ZZZZs

The Sun goes down and your lights on your phone dim while the streetlights outside illuminate. All of a sudden you start to feel a little bit of anxiety brewing knowing that this begins the ritual of your insomnia. Depending on where you are, at this point you may begin a night time routine where you wash your face, brush your teeth, check Facebook one more time while you’re laying in bed tossing and turning hoping that sleep might come soon. Around midnight you may doze off but by 2:00 a.m. you’re up again hoping that once you empty your bladder you will go right back to sleep. Maybe sometimes you do, maybe sometimes you don’t and you’re left looking at the clock and waiting for the sun to come up so you can start the day all over again.

If this sounds like you I suggest you keep reading. And hopefully it’s not midnight when you’re reading this blog.

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Sleep is one of the most important times of our day. It is when our nervous system is able to switch gears from our busy day to our restful night. It is really the only time in our day that we are truly healing. So if you have any healing going on including trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass, working to regulate hormones, conceive a child, or just raising your children, or growing a business, it is so important that you get sleep at night.

There are many theories of how best to sleep but today I am going to talk about the most common problems that I see in my practice and some ways to help. If you want to jump to the answers you can click here and download my 5 steps to sleep happiness! Otherwise you can keep reading.

Starting at noon; avoid caffeine

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Caffeine directly blocks the production of melatonin and can really throw off your circadian rhythm for the whole day. For a lot of patients that have sleep problems I recommend coming off of coffee altogether. When you start your morning with caffeine you are telling your body that you don’t need our natural wake hormones because we have our own drugs to get the day started. It causes our body to stop producing cortisol, so we are not building our natural circadian rhythm starting first thing in the morning.

Begin to wind down when the sun goes down

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When the sun goes down is when your biological clock begins the sleep routine so let’s put our consciousness in the same place. This means that the lights in your house should dim, your phone and the TV should go off and you should start to mentally prepare yourself for sleep.

In the culture that we live in today there is a lot of blue light everywhere. Overhead lights as well as your phone, computer and TV. Blue light also directly suppresses melatonin and increases cortisol. Melatonin as your sleep hormone whereas cortisol is your stay up and be active stress hormone that we talked about earlier.

Warm yourself up to help wind down

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Hot water naturally makes us drowsy so having a hot bath helps to promote sleep. If you want a bonus you can add Epson salt which is a magnesium salt. Magnesium helps relax your muscles as well as your mind. Another addition you can add is lavender essential oil just 1 or 2 drops in your bath. Lavender is considered a nervine which help to relax the nervous system and promote sleep and healing.

This is also when I would recommend putting your phone into Airplane mode if it isn’t off already. There are a couple reasons why.
• The 1st and most important reason is because of the EMF waves that will be constantly cycling from your Wi-Fi and/or cell tower causing a giant microwave to happen in your house making you the center of it.
• The 2nd reason to turn your phone into Airplane mode at this time is to avoid that blue light that we are talking about for the rest of the evening. It also will help you to destress, like we will talk about in the next section.

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After your bath I would recommend staying in your bedroom and getting a note book to have at your bedside.

Write down all of the things that are on your mind. Some of the reasons we can’t sleep is because we have a lot of stressful situations that they keep in their mind. We are constantly thinking about it while we should be sleeping and our mind is spinning and we can’t stop thinking about the day. One of the best ways to get the chatter out of your mind is to write it down so that you know it’s on paper and you can get it out of your mind for the night.

This is also a good time to get social and political events off of your mind as well. That is another reason I like to turn off the phone when the sun goes down or before you get in your bath so that they are far from your mind while you’re going to sleep.

If you’re not completely drowsy at this point you can also write your gratitude in that journal. This actually preps your mind for happiness so that you can have a peaceful happy sleep.

Meditation and Visualization

After you have written these things down and got it off of your mind if you are still not feeling tired now is when you should meditate or do a relaxing visualization. I recommend going to YouTube and searching for a sleep visualizations meditation you will find hundreds if not thousands. (In the coming weeks I will make my own visualization that you can relax to as well.)

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These meditations are meant to additionally quiet your mind soothe, your body and relax everything. By being in a state of relaxation, you’re turning on your rest and digest nervous system so that it can fall naturally into sleep. Depending on how tired you are, look for a length of a program that matches your tiredness. If you’re not very tired explore a 45 minute to an hour meditation. If you’re very tired, find a 20 minute meditation. Make sure that you set your settings on YouTube so that it will shut off after that 1st meditation and not auto play all night. Another bonus would be to subscribe to YouTube plus so that you can download these meditations and have them offline while you put your phone on Airplane mode before bed.

By this time I hope that you are well into your deep sleep. If these steps are not enough to get you into the sleep that you are looking for there are their natural ways to promote sleep keep you in a deep sleep throughout the night and help you wake feeling rested.

If you need more help with sleep than these recommendations, you can start by clicking here for my free guide to sleep and then you can also click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Heidi or to schedule a free 15 minute consult to see if we would be a good fit for each other to help you get the best sleep possible. Please let me know if you have any other questions about sleep or if there are other things that you would like to learn more about. Thanks for reading

Habit: The Revolving Door

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Here is the definition of Habit from Dr. Joe Dispenza.  “A habit is a redundant, automatic, unconscious sets of thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that develop through repetition.

“It is when you have done something so many time that your body is programmed to become the mind. 

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“Over time your body is dragging you toward a predictable future.  One that models the past, based on your actions in the past.  Therefore, if you are not in the present moment, you are probably in a program.”

The more we continue to live on the way we have always done, not being present but just stuck thinking and thinking about the past and the future, we will continue to get what we have always gotten.

Silhouette of Person Riding Horse on Body of Water Under Yellow Sunset

We are looking to change habit energy.  There is a story in Zen Circles about a man and a horse.

The horse galloping along very quickly and it appears that the man on the horse is going somewhere important.  A man standing alongside the road, shouts, “Where are you going?”  The man on the horse yells back and said “I don’t know, ask the horse.”

We are like this man.  We may be riding this horse, or the habits of our daily life and we don’t know where we are going, and we can’t stop.  And the horse is our habits, pulling us along, without realization.  We ride these habits daily, not thinking that they will lead us anywhere. 

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Mindfulness is recognizing these habits, and recognizing that they are a huge part of our momentum each day and channeling them in the direction of our success. 

We are what we repeatedly do.  What do you want to be?  Start with the healthy habits that shape our reality. The large effort will reap even larger rewards

The key to success is in what you do every moment.

Change your habits.  One goal at a time.  What does it look like to achieve your dreams?  What does it look like each moment of every day?  Start there.

Need help?  Comment below or Email me


Castor oil comes from the seeds of the berries off of The Ricinus communis tree.

That’s right Breaking Bad fans, this is the same plant that was used as a lethal weapon.  That part comes from a toxin called Ricin which is in the out side of the seeds and not extracted into the oil. 

The seeds are pressed and an oil remains. Much like sunflower or olive oil. 

This specific oil is used medicinally for many purposes topically on the body. 

Before trying this at home. Remember there is always possible allergy and make sure you speak with your licensed naturopathic doctor. Visit my website below or You can find one near you on [email them and attach link]

#1  Internal ingestion is not recommended unless under supervision of a licenses naturopathic doctor, but castor oil has an infamous reputation as a very powerful laxative to aleviate constipation, but also causes diarrhea.  Your grandmother may have tried to get you to drink this as a kid. Drinking castor oil will indeed cause a mildly painful contraction of your intestines.  This is rairly used today because of other natural, less painful options.  

#2  It is used by trained professional midwives as a “labor bomb” start labor. Castor oil stimulates the contraction of the uterus the same way as the intestines.  Do not Use during pregnancy AT ALL. 

#2  Generally castor oil is used topically for its extreme anti inflammatory properties.  It is also used to enhance elimination of all of inflammatory waste through the lymphatic system. 

The anti-inflammatory properties are universal. You can use castor oil on joints for sprains, strains, injury  as well as enlarged lymph nodes, cysts and masses.   It can also be used over the pelvic region for endometriosis, fibroids and painful menstruation.  It is most commonly used on the abdomen over the liver to help cleans any inflammation and promote detoxification.    

#3  Castor oil is also an amazing moisturiseor.  It is a monounsaturatioed fatty acid, which absorbs into the skin to hydrate and plump up the collegen in the tissues.  This promotes anti aging much easier.  It also forms a hydrophobic layer on the skin so moisture cannot leave.  This can be used sucsesfully on dry, cracked scally skin,  dandrif and dry mouth and dry eyes. 

#4  this oil can also help repair and heal wounds.  By maintaining a moist invironment the skin is more rediliy able to heal and not dry out. Castor oil is antimicrobial so it can help to decrease the risk of infection.  It stimulates the growth of new cell production and removes the waste of cell destruction and turn over.  Patient trials show that when treated with castor oil they experienced higher healing rates in shorter amount of time.  When in doubt, put the castor oil out. 

However, make sure you don’t apply castor oil to an open wound.  Wait until the wound, stiches or cut has healed before using the castor oil. 

#5  Remember how I said it was antimicrobial?  That means Many microbs.  It can fight off candida, one study used it to kill candida in root canals, gum disease and plaque over growth.  Topically it can be used to kill staph orver growth and is being studies on infections like MRSA. 

#6  Another amazing little trick that castor oil can be used for is to reduce adhesions and scars after surgery  and the wound has healed.  It can also help to reverse scar damage that has already formed.

First assemble your supplies.  

#1 Organic Castor oil

#2 Organic Wool Flannel

#3 Heat pad

#4 Witch Hazel (For cleaning off the Castor oil)

Most important of course is the castor oil.  Make sure you get organic oil because we are applying it directly to the skin.  Our skin is the biggest organ in our body and it is highly absorbable.  Anything that you are putting on your skin will absorb into your body.  For this treatment we want to heal not hurt, so we’ll want to avoid anything with pesticide residues.  I also like my oils to come stored in a glass container for the same reason, to avoid the plastics.  It is important to use organic flannel as a towel. And a heat source which helps the castor oil penetrate the skin much deeper

Get comfortable and expose the area you want to be treated.

For scars you will want to message the oil into the tissue for 30 seconds or longer to ajutate the scar fibers and break up connective tissue so that the castor oil can penetrate deeper intimately into the tissue. 

After messaging, put some more oil on to the flannel and place it over the scar.  Apply heat and now it is time to relax, meditate, read a good book or snuggle. 

This is where the healing happens allow the treatment to work for at least 20 minuets.  I like to go to sleep with my pac on.

To remove the oil you can use Witch Hazel.  However, I like to leave the oil on to continue to get the benefits of it soaking into my skin.


Along my journey I learned about fasting.  The one treatment the continues to come up in literature, religious practices as well has historical and personal uses over hundreds of years for almost all chronic diseases.  Especially diseases of over indulgence, which happen to be the leading causes of death in the U.S.

So what is my solution to all the chatter about nutrition?

In the word of Michel Pollen.

Eat real food

Not too much

Mostly plants

But today, let’s talk about the opposite of nutrition, fasting!

Fasting is the absences of food for an extended period of time. 

We have found a way to cleans your body, rev up your immune system.  Reset your metabolism, detox your cells, loss weight, burn actual fat. Repair cartilage.  Revitalize your skin and take years off of your complexion and the best part.  It is absolutely free!!

When we fast we rest the colon and digestive system.  With rest it can heal itself.  Everyday when we eat fried, processed non organic foods we are damaging and oxidizing the colon causing little microtears in the one cell thick walls.  Normally only broken down amino acids, fatty acids and glucose can only get through, but with damage, bigger particles get through into the blood and cause the damage to the blood vessels, witch causes the arterial sclerosis, or clotting. 

When we fast, and rest the digestive system it can heal up all of those microtears.  There is no food particles to escape into the blood stream, so the blood is cleaner, now it can work on healing all of the damage there.  The immune system can stop processing invading food, and can start working on healing the body from within. 

The liver processes most everything that enters our body.  When we deprive ourselves of food, our body has to make up for it and find things to eat endogenously, or from inside.  The Liver will take accumulated material, process it down and eliminate the waste. 

Within 24 hours your body will get a whole new set of enzymes.  So that now instead of using sugar for energy, we are using fat.  Our own fat!

And that is when autophagy begins, or self-consumption, where the body degrades its own tissues to recycle cellular components of less productive and damaged cells. 

Humans have developed this technique in order to survive long periods without food.  Our species has used this technique to flourish over other animals, even primates.  Not only can we consume our own cells, but we also produce ketones to fuel our highly active brains.  But that is a topic for another time, because today we are talking about Juice Fasting.  Not Water fasting which is much more intense and requires total rest from exercise and daily activity.  We do offer water only fasting programs and consoling at the clinic and Let me know if you are interested in hearing a lecture on water only fasting.  Also, If you’re interested in how much fat stores you have, come into the office for a BIA bio impedance analysis to see body and cellular composition. 

Before starting any fast I highly recommend talking with a doctor who is trained in fasting and getting a full physical exam to ensure a and productive healthy fast. 

The process.  The idea of a fast is more than just to lose weight and heal your body.  We are working toward a full restoration of your lifestyle, taste buds and metabolism.  It will change your metabolism and your taste buds.  The more frequently you do the fasts, the less and less you will have cravings for the same sweet or salty foods.

Our bodies are constantly trying to repair itsself and become healthy and happy.  We are the ones that try to over throw the perfect system and do what we want.  Like eat sugar and carbs, drink soda and alcohol, smoke tobacco and live in unhealthy environments. We live in a society that rewards us for doing the things that we want not what we need.  

Different ways to Fast

Intermitent fasting

Juice fasting

Water fasting

Ok now to talk about Juicing!!

Juice fasting is the best of both worlds.  You are resting the majority of your digestive system from have to break down the food, and your getting a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients the are rapidly absorbed into your cells. 

How to Juice fast:

There are stores that you can buy pre packaged jucie from or you can buy a juicer and juice at home!

My favoret juicer is a masticating juicer, which means it grinds up the veggetable like a cold press.

The other common type is a centrifugal juicer which is actually what I started with because it was much cheaper around 50 – 100$  vs the masticating or champion juicer range between 150 and 300$

The centrifugal juicer cuts the food and exposes it to a large amount of oxygen, which causes it to brown essentially

Next:  The food. 

The rule for me is always 80/20 – 80% vegetables 20% fruit.  And really any combination you would like.  We have some recipes to get you started but the sky is the limit on jucing as long as it is 80/20

Another hugly important component to a good juice fast is the produce.

Always Always opt for local, seasonal, organic produce first, when you have it availible.  Not only are you benefitting a local farm, which we need to help keep alive!!! But you are helping your body even more.  When you eat food from the environment in which you live, you gain there survial techinques as well.  In the high mountains of Colorado the plants have less oxygen and have to compensate for that somehow.  When you eat that food, say a beet, you are gaining all of those enzymes and compounds that the plant made.  Esspecally the beet, which has an affinity for the liver and gall bladder, will help clean and better oxigenate the hemoglobin within the blood cells. 

If you cant find local as easily, opt for organic and aviod the pesticide load! Plus, organic produce tastes better!

Ok lets get started

Wash produce

Cut to the size of the juicer opening

And begin juicing!

Add water after every few pieces to dilute the juice so that we are nurishing and hydrating our cells

What is Naturopathy and what is a Naturopathic doctor?

Naturopathic medicine or Naturopathy is the use of natural and non-invasive therapies to heal the body and prevent illness.  As Naturopathic doctors we are trained similar to medical doctors, we learn all about the body biological systems, the way they should be, what happens during disease, and how to bring the body as a whole back to normal health.  We study from cadavers and learn all of the pharmaceutical drugs.  We also complete thousands of hours of clinical work and internships.  Along with learning all of the modern medicine techniques, we also spend years in school and outside of school leaning the ancient and modern natural therapeutics.  We memorize and utilize all of the medicinal and traditional herbs, many that are the back bone to modern drugs.   We use the power of hot and cold water to stimulate the healing potential in our bodies.  We understand the cause and effect of the universal truths and can utilize it when treating with homeopathy.  We know the mind body connection and how to manipulate the mind to heal the body.  We respect the growth and evolution that we have always had with the earth and nature.  We also respect natural timing, cycles and rhythms that can be used to gracefully guide the body while healing.  We understand and most greatly respect the importance of the relationship we as humans have with the natural timing, cycles and rhythms of the planet that can be used to gracefully guide the body while healing.  Using modern scientific research and a millennia of traditional cases, naturopathic doctors beautifully blend the old with the new and bring about a deeper healing

My goal is to bring naturopathic principles to every home in America.  I want the world to know where to go and what they can do on their own as soon as they start to feel the symptoms of any kind of sickness, ailment or minor burn or sting.  By doing this, I believe we can create a healthier population which can excel in society and we can make the world a better place